Featured Projects in January 2020 

*Help for a two-year formation course for 10 catechists and their families at the Mobokoli training centre
*A roof for a new church in Boaco
*Help for the training of 27 seminarians in the diocese of Rio Branco, in the Amazonas region
*A car for the Dominican Sisters in Baranovichi

Featured Projects in December 2019


A new village chapel - Ethiopia
* Help for the continuing care of the traumatised survivors of the terrorist attacks of Easter 2019 and their families - Sri Lanka
A car for mission work - Panama 
* Help for the training of nine seminarians in the Andes - Peru
Help to complete the pilgrim accommodation at the Marian shrine of Berdychiv - Ukraine

Featured Projects in November 2019


*Support for religious sisters - Benin
*Success Story: a church for the people of Nkontrodo - Ghana 
*Success Story: a car for pastoral work among the tribal peoples - India
*Renovation of a centre for the vocations apostolate and lay formation - Peru
*Support for contemplative religious sisters - Ukraine
*Support for the youth pastoral centre in Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina


Featured Projects in October 2019
*Malawi: Mission accomplished: emergency aid following the severe flooding in March 2019 

*Egypt: Help for the formation of four seminarians of the SMA missionaries

*India: Help for the formation of 23 seminarians 

Featured Projects in September 2019

*Burkina Faso - Support for Religious Sisters
*Benin - An evangelization centre for young people 
*India - Mass stipends and retreats for 27 Jesuit priests 
*Pakistan - Success Story: help for the formation of 42 trainee catechists 
*Peru - Help for the formation of religious sisters 
*Bolivia - A house and formation centre for a community of priests in La Paz
*Belarus - Success Story: a car for the pastoral work of a priest in Grodno


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