During Lent and Easter, Aid to the Church in Need will honour and remember modern martyrs, those who heroically offered their lives for God and their communities. All the testimonies in the ACN Lent Calendar and the video testimonies below are from the 21st-century, they are a witness to the dedication of our brothers and sisters in faith. This Lent calendar has been created to show our gratitude and admiration of them.

National Director of ACN Australia, Mr Bernard Toutounji said. "Reading the ACN Lent calendar and watching these modern martyrs stories is a powerful, emotional and spiritual experience. To read of those that loved Christ so much, who followed his Word so closely that they have given their own lives in order to share Christ with others causes you to reflect on your own Faith. What can I learn from these extraordinary examples of love? How will reading these stories change my own priorities in life? In the Season of Lent where Catholics are encouraged to pray, fast and give alms. I hope this Lent calendar will be a catalyst to prayer and action. Also, I would encourage you if you have the means to give a financial gift to Aid to the Church in Need this Lent so we can continue to support the communities that these martyrs were forced to leave behind".

You can donate to our Lent campaign via the donation form below or by calling 1800 101 201 (AEDT) during business hours.


Watch these powerful videos, which tell the stories of 4 martyrs. Click on the images below and a new window will open:




This year Aid to the Church in Need has created two resources for your own journey through Lent. Click the images below to view our 2020 Lent Calendar and the Stations of the Cross resource. The Lent calendar contains 47 powerful stories, we know that can be a lot to read at once, so if you would like an easy way to digest all the content in the Lent calendar you can subscribe to our Lenten email series as we "Journey with the Martyrs" you will receive 8 emails the first on Ash Wednesday then one every Sunday of Lent until Easter Sunday. 


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 Any donations over $25 can opt-in to receive a free Via Crucis booklet (The Way of the Cross). The booklet features the fifteen Stations of the Cross accompanied by a quotation from the Gospel, a meditation on the will of God, written by Fr Joaquin Alliende-Luco, and illustrations by Bradi Barth. Booklet dimensions: 116mm x 149mm, 40 pp, softback.





A Message from National Director Mr Bernard Toutounji

This message was published with Mirror 1 - 2020 - it is published online (for those who elect to receive The Mirror newsletter via email and not a printed copy in the post).

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Dear friend in Christ,

Greetings to you in this New Year! I hope your celebration of the Lord’s Nativity was a time of grace and renewed spiritual strength for you and those you love. Intermingled with the joy of the season, has been the devastating situation of drought and bushfire. So many of our fellow Australians, including our own ACN benefactors, continue to suffer as a result. We have arranged Masses to be offered for those that have lost their lives, homes and livelihoods, and we pray for much-needed rain. You might join your intentions to ours at this time.

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Mirror 1 of 2020 - Supporting our Seminarians
The theme of the first Mirror newsletter for 2020 is focussed on ACN projects that support our seminarians. Today's seminarians are tomorrow's priests, you can help us to provide shepherds for the flock by supporting the training and education of seminarians.
Any donation over $30 can opt in to receive a rosary blessed by the Holy Father featuring on the Cross the Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem which contains the two holiest sites in Christianity: the site where Jesus was crucified, Golgotha, and Jesus's empty tomb, where he was buried and resurrected. The center piece of the rosary contains Mary opening up her arms to us all as our spiritual Mother.


Murdered Seminarian Michael Nnadi

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of 18-year-old Nigerian seminarian, Michael Nnadi, whose body was found on Saturday the 1st of February 2020. Michael had been abducted by unidentified assailants, along with three other seminarians, on 8 January 2020 from the Good Shepherd Seminary in Kaduna in northern Nigeria. The other three seminarians were returned safely but Michael was not. One of the teaching staff at the seminary in Kaduna said: “Michael was a young and gifted seminarian. He was an orphan who had been brought up by his grandmother. Just a few weeks ago, after a year of spiritual preparation, he had been clothed in the soutane. It seems that his only crime was his desire to serve God." 

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Michael Nnadi that will help support the education of other seminarians in Nigeria, you can do so by selecting the appropriate field in the donation form below:

Michael Nnadi


Support the Suffering Church:

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