Christians in Lahore – who fled persecution and set up home in a different part of the city – need your help after they quickly discovered their new church was not big enough.

In March 2013, 3,000 extremists descended on Lahore’s mainly Christian Joseph Colony, torching at least 100 homes, looting possessions and leaving a trail of destruction.

Undeterred, the Joseph Colony Christians started up a  new community in Jhugian Jhuhid, on the edge of the city.  With so many families pouring in, parish priest Father George Daniel has turned to ACN for help to extend their church, called St Peter’s.

Appealing for help, he wrote to us: “Almost every day, a Christian family is moving in and – with the utmost humility – I must inform you that our church is too small. We may soon run out of space. “We have the land and an extension could easily be added – 50 feet in length.” Father George added: “The church is so important to help us grow in faith in spite of all the hardships and sufferings we bear in daily life. Please be assured of our daily prayers for you and all those who help us.”

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