Seminarians at Prayer during holy Mass in the seminary chapel in the diocese of Kafanchan 
© Aid to the Church in Need

The Nigeria-based terrorist organisation Boko Haram is now notorious throughout the world for the brutality of its attacks. What is less well known is the fact that Islamist nomadic Fulani tribesman are now also engaging in similar activities, burning down villages and launching other kinds of brutal attacks on other Nigerians. In 2016 alone, in the northern Kaduna State, around a thousand people were murdered by Fulani extremists, while hundreds more were injured and dozens of villages burned to the ground. Many of these attacks were deliberately targeted against Christians, and again and again their churches in particular have been destroyed.

The affected area also includes the diocese of Kafanchan. Yet, despite the difficulties the people face, the Church here has been blessed with numerous vocations. Currently there are 57 young men training for the priesthood in the diocese. But Nigeria is not only suffering from terrorism and violence, but also from a severe economic crisis, with soaring prices, so that the seminary is unable to cover the cost of feeding and training all these young men. And so the rector of seminary has turned to the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) for help. The charity is planning to assist with a grant $30,000 in order to help these courageous young seminarians, who are persevering in their vocation despite all the difficulties and dangers they face.

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