Gifts of Faith


What is a Gift of Faith? 

A Gift of Faith is a donation given to Aid to the Church in Need in place of a material gift. Arrange multiple Gifts of Faith for children, grandchildren, godchildren, siblings, cousins, co-workers, friends, parishoners, etc. 

You can also arrange a Gift of Faith as a personal act of charity. If someone asks you "What can I get you for your birthday or other special occassion?" You can request a donation to ACN.

We have also created Gifts of Faith cards and envelopes which can be handed out for special occassions. This card lets the recipient/s know that a donation has been made in their honour. Please indicate in the order form if you would like a Gift of Faith card sent to you.

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How do I arrange a Gift of Faith?

1. Select your Gift of Faith
Choose an amount you would like to donate and a project area to support. Watch our Gift of Faith videos by clicking on the images below or Browse our catalogue to read some powerful testimonies about how your donation will make a big difference to suffering and persecuted Christians around the world. 

2. How to Order? 
Fill out the form at the bottom of this page, (as a guideline we have some suggested gift amounts) but you can donate whatever amount you like. You can also give a Gift of Faith over the phone by calling: 1800 101 201.

3. Sending your gift
After arranging your Gift of Faith you will be posted a matching Gift of Faith card/s with an envelope/s or Mass card to pass on to the recipient of the gift. View the cards here.
*Let us know the quantity of cards you require in the donation form below. 
However after you make a donation we will email you a link where you can download and print a PDF version of the Gift of Faith cards.

4. The Power of your Gift 
Your Gift of Faith will help provide practical and spiritual support for our suffering brothers and sisters in the countries where we work. We channel the aid through our key project partners - including bishops, priests, religious sisters and laity in the Church to ensure the support reaches those most in need.

Watch our inspiring videos by clicking on the 'Play video" buttons below:

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