Offices in 23 countries
More than 330,000 benefactors worldwide per year
Project partners in 139 countries
5,230 projects supported worldwide
€106,309,350 donations, legacies and other income. (Equivalent to AUD $171,253,732)*
Use of €4.9 million in surpluses from previous years.  (Equivalent to AUD $7.9 million)*
80.4% of the funds used are allocated in mission-related expenses

*Amounts converted from Euro at the average exchange rate for 2019 (1 Euro = AUD$1.6109).












Read the full International Activity report by clicking on the image below:

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View the summary report outlining the 2019 projects of ACN here. 

Our Activity report outlining the works carried out in 2020 will be available in mid-June 2021.



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