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Aid to the Church in Need Australia has launched a special campaign in which we aim to raise AUD $175,000 to support the project requests from the poor and persecuted Church in Africa.

The campaign is in response to distressing news received from throughout the continent: 

Did you know that in 2018, Africa had the world’s highest number of murdered priests? 

*In June in the North-Eastern African country of Eritrea, the government has confiscated Church properties including Catholic hospitals and healthcare centres with patients being forced out of hospital beds. 

*In Burkina Faso after yet another attack by Jihadists on a Christian village, Bishop Laurent Birfuoré Dabiré warned that "if the world continues to do nothing, the result will be the elimination of the Christian presence in the area and quite possibly in future from the entire country."
*In Nigeria the violence instigated by terrorist organisation Boko Haram as well as Islamist militant Fulani herdsmen is threatening the Christian population. Survivors report they have been targeted whilst celebrating Mass, their homes burnt down and the Church destroyed. Christians have been taken into captivity tortured, starved and have witnessed family members being murdered.

In the midst of the storm the religious in Africa are the heroes of the faithful. Missionary priests and sisters are God's answer to the poverty and frustrations of the African people. While sharing their hardships they bring hope and faith to their people. Often they are the only providers of ongoing education, health and pastoral care to this sorely tested continent.

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Your kind gift will assist our project partners in Africa. In 2019 ACN has received multiple requests to provide:

*Financial support for seminarians in Africa so they can continue their studies
*ACN children's bibles so the youth of Africa have access to the Word of God
*Transport for pastoral care (mostly cars and motorbikes) so the tyranny of distance does not stop anyone from receiving the sacraments 
*Funds to assist with the construction of churches, chapels and other religious buildings (such as seminaries) so the Church can operate effectively.

Please help us to support this growing Church which is rich in vocations but poor in resources by making a donation below. 

To read more about our activities in Africa click here. 

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