By Josue Villalón

The Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has approved over $330,000 for the project “A Drop of Milk”. Through this project, milk is passed out to 2,850 children in Aleppo each month. A small delegation from ACN was recently there when the milk was distributed to families. The participants talk about how thankful the people are.

By Maria Lozano

Thanks to the support of the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), thousands of children and young people from crisis-torn regions such as Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Israel are able to take part in summer camps and summer courses this year. ACN has already supported some of these courses in the past, and indeed this is almost a tradition now for Christian young people in the Holy Land, Jordan, Palestine and Israel. But additionally this year the charity is delighted to be able to support youth camps in Aleppo, Syria, and Alqosh in Iraq, where life is slowly returning to normal now that the fighting and violence have died down in these war-torn areas. The local Christian Churches are working hard not only to rebuild the physical structures in these areas but also to revive the spirit and the souls of the people here, above all among the children and young people who have suffered so much. In Iraq for example, the summer camps are intended above all to help these young people to overcome the trauma of the occupation by ISIS of their Christian towns and villages in the Niniveh Plains. They need to be able to regain their physical and spiritual strength, especially now, when the future of their Christian communities in Iraq is at stake.

By Mónica Zorita/Maria Lozano

Following the recent private meeting between Pope Francis and the leaders of the Venezuelan bishops’ conference in Rome, the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) was able to interview one of its representatives, Bishop Moronta. The visit was marked by great urgency, in view of the situation of crisis in the country. 

By Mónica Zorita

“Returning home.” “Set foot on our soil again.” “To see the church again that we built ourselves.” “A new beginning.” “Keep going.” “We cannot live our entire lives as displaced persons.” “I do not want to leave my country.” “God is with us.”  

On the night of 6 - 7th August 2014, Islamic State (IS) occupied the historic regions of the Nineveh Plains and emptied it of Christians, its original inhabitants. The Christians who fled sought refuge in the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq. A large number of people however remained trapped there. Some of them were able to break free afterwards, but hundreds remained imprisoned by Islamic State and have not been heard of since. Among those who stayed after Islamic State took over the region were Mr. Khouder Ezzo, his wife, Aida Hanna, and their daughter Christina – who was three years old at the time.  

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