The Consequences of Becoming a Christian in India: 

In India the Dalits are discriminated against and treated as second class citizens by the majority Hindu population. Dalit means "broken people."  The Dalits were formerly known as "untouchables." The Dalits live at the bottom of India's rigid social order known as the caste system. Many Dalits who convert to Christianity are then further discriminated and oppressed by the Government.

Another Act of Violence Against a Christian Woman in Pakistan:
18 year old Binish Paul was thrown off a two storey building by a young Muslim man by the name of Taheer Abbas. He threw her from the second storey roof because she had refused to marry him and convert to Islam. Read her story.

Marawi - Philippines

During the last decades Muslims and Catholics have been targeted by radical groups and persecuted for their peacefully held religious beliefs. In response they are working together for the social development and future of their communities in this region of the Philippines.


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