Mirror 2 / 2020 - Supporting our Men and Women religious
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The theme of the second Mirror newsletter for 2020 is focussed on ACN projects that support men and women religious. Religious congregations look after the poor, the sick and share God's Word with the world. We need your help to provide financial support to our male and female religious communities in some of the poorest parts of the world so that they can continue to share the good news of the Gospel.
Accompanying this Mirror newsletter was a special message from National Director Mr Bernard Toutouji which can be read here.

Free Gift with Donations over $40

Any donation of $40 or more can opt-in to receive a beautiful wooden icon egg, handmade in Kiev, Ukraine. Icons are an ancient part of the Christian faith; in fact, they are the oldest form of Christian art. An icon is not simply a religious picture; they are meant to be windows into Heaven. The combination of sacred icons with eggs, the symbol of Easter, led to the development of icon eggs. Icon eggs are tangible reminders of faith and sources of comfort. they make beautiful devotional items for your home or office. Each egg is handcrafted and unique.


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