It is painful to see people without food and water. In them Jesus is hungry and thirsty. What gives me joy is that I can help them and see the relief and happiness on their faces - Sr Annie Demerjian works with those in need in war torn Syria.

They smile, they heal, they teach, they comfort. Around the globe Catholic religious sisters quietly perform their dedicated and heroic service without remuneration and barely even noticed by the wider world. But in order to help others, they themselves also need to be helped, for although they are ministering angels to so many, they themselves still need their daily bread and a roof over their heads.

Each year the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) supports over 10,000 religious sisters in every corner of the globe. Many religious congregations turn to the charity for help, not least for the formation of their precious new vocations. While many congregations in the Western world have few or no new vocations and even seem to be dying out, in other parts of the world the religious communities are filled with young and smiling faces.

It is vital that the indispensable work of religious sisters in Christ's Holy Catholic Church and throughout the missions worldwide continues. Religious sisters, like Sr Annie Demerjian pictured right, are the unsung heroines in the Church. ACN is therefore proud to help them in their efforts to make the world a better place. The average grant ACN gives to support a religious sister or novice is $300 - but whatever you can afford will be enormously appreciated. ACN forwards the donations directly to the religious superiors in charge of the religious communities and congregations.

Help Religious Sisters

Anyone able to help this cause with a $20 donation or more will be sent a set of complimentary Vatican rosary blessed by Pope Francis.

To support this cause and to receive the complimentary Pope Francis rosary please click on this link. You can also call the office of Aid to the Church in Need on 02 9679-1929 and give your donation over the phone.


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